God Still Speaks to His Disciples

When I was a child the local library drove this huge bus into our community filled with posters, books, reading material, and lots of activities for kids. Every week my heart filled with anticipation and excitement waiting to climb aboard the Bookmobile. Surely, I was going to find a new mystery to read or at the very least crossword puzzles and games.

I read everything I could get my hands on. When I took walks or riding in the car every sign and billboard was read aloud. I would pick up cans and old papers tossed on the ground just to read the content. Soon my love for reading led to a love for writing. So now I write everything down. 

The Bookmobile that came into my community brought much joy as it expanded my knowledge and enhanced my quest for solving and understanding mysteries. This website is my gift bringing the word of God into your homes, work places, and everyday lives. I hope you enjoy reading this information as much as I enjoyed writing it. The Bookmobile is bringing books to you for enlightenment and engagement. This book is entitled "God Still Speaking to His Disciples". The Subtopic is "Be Still and Know That I Am God". I did not use a professional editor so you will find grammatical errors, please bring these to my attentions in the blog or comment section.

Chapter I

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Chapter II

How God Speaks to Us in Dreams

Chapter III

How God Speaks to Us in Prayer


The time is come that promised words are manifesting. The Lord gives us precious promises in His Word and He speaks intimate promises indivually and cooperately. I am thankful that God the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost knows me and I am equally grateful I know THEM. Ultimate thanks goes to the Lord for giving His only Son to die for my sins and those attached to me by bloodline and associations. It is necessary to thank God for a sound and sane mind today.

I accepted a call to carry the Good News of Jesus as I follow His footsteps. Along the way, I found myself bound in mental anguish, confusion, deceit, rebellion and disobedience to the Lord. I tried to keep my life together for outward appearance sake but the inner man experienced horrendous spiritual battles. God’s grace allows me to tell my story. Well my story is not really my story it is the Lord’s story of amazing love.

A committed life for Christ is an automatic invitation for tormentors to start circling like buzzards. Demonic torment caused everything around me to change making my circle of life smaller, natural surroundings changed, no sleep, no peace, and division in relationships are all common interferences in a committed intimate relationship with Christ. We must remain faithful to enter into the presence of the Lord; which may mean leaving our baggage behind or bringing it with us. The baggage is not going to matter in the presence of the Lord. The typical human spends so many drooling hours trying to figure out what to do with baggage. Take it to the Lord and leave it there.

Knowing takes a back seat to understanding. Oh how we know things yet do not understand what we know. The truth of God’s love embeds itself in our DNA it is just there. We never have to understand the love of the Father, just receive His love by faith it will never fail. I am thankful for God’s perfect plan and purpose for my life. I am thankful for all errors, incorrect choices, bad relationships, mental lapses and choices I believed were mistakes, also I am thankful for dark days in my life. I am thankful that Yeshua did not destroy me in rebellion-disobedience, in slothfulness and laziness.

Psalm 23:4 states, Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

So many times  I walked through the valley of the shadow of death but the provision of God’s Word was my deliverance. Equally important, the Lord quickened me from spiritual death, thank you Lord. I am thankful for the people who will read this book. I dedicate this book to The Longsuffering of the Lord. I have never known such a wonderful experience as following the Lord and having a constant companion in my alone time. Many times, I felt barren and shackled but He always revived and unshackled this prisoner.


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I took a writing course at Bossier Parish Community College in Louisiana. My instructor was Mrs. Allison Martin. The instructor had a way of showing me how to leap on the pages and become the character of my choice. I am so thankful to Mrs. Martin because she pulled creativity and development from my secret places. Not only did I want to be a character I wanted to write about their experiences. Thank you Mrs. Allison Martin.

God placed spiritually mature persons, Christian leaders, mentors, brothers and sisters in ministry, and people who trusted what God was doing in me and my life for Him. These people supported me with no questions. Complete strangers came to my rescue. Several times, I was called by the Lord to completely trust Him blindly. This meant getting off my normal system of finance which was income through employment. I obediently walked away from good and great paying jobs. I was so excited to walk by faith but I did not really know what that meant.

I remember the first week of leaving a job; I partnered with a friend in a community garage sale. I put all my good stuff in the sale and sold absolutely nothing. This was a point in my life where I could no longer say, “Lord I trust you”; I had to walk it out. I lived in the homes of complete strangers, and in shelters, but I never slept outdoors or in my car. As I told my story and ministered the word of God in homes, in the streets, by social media, email, and speaking engagements, God pushed His hand in my face so I could see it clearly.

Learning to trust the Lord is frightening but it is also exciting. Walking completely by faith is similar to having someone remove your eyes. Not being able to see and navigate normally, I just started walking. When a person starts walking blind folded they begin searching for walls to touch hoping the walls will lead to open doors. As the faith walk increased my steady stream of income dwindled to nothing. It became necessary for me to leave my place of residence and give up many things. Payments came due for things I could not pay. My car note had gotten several months behind. I took a collection call from Ford Motor Credit the employee from the company asked for payment. I gave my testimony of how the Lord had called me to do full time ministry and leave my job. I told the Collector I had no money and did not know when I could make a payment.

After the business part of the call was over I asked the employee at Ford Motor Credit if she needed prayer and she said yes. I prayed and we disconnected the call. A few minutes later the employee called back. The employee stated she could hear the voice of God but she had not been obedient in some things He asked her to do. Immediately after that statement she said the Lord told me to pay my care note. I waited on the line for the process to be completed. While  she checked to see how many payments I was behind. I heard the most remarkable thing I had ever heard. Between the time of our conversation and the time of the return call someone had made payments on my account. The finance company (Ford Motor Credit) made a payment on my delinquent account along with a mystery contributor. Now my faith walk is getting stronger. 

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 I was supernaturally blessed by the word of God, hearing His voice, and receiving revelation of the Good News. I continued to trust the Lord and walk by faith. My journey started out living in the homes of various people. The Lord had a family paying me weekly salaries just for ministering in their home. This family took me into their home and gave me absolute freedom to use their new car and provided anything I needed. I remember one very nice Christian woman wanted me to bless her home on a regular basic because she knew the Lord was with me. This believer sowed regular seeds in my life. Whenever I told her God was sending me on missionary journey she would always make sure my needs were met. All of my support came from trusting the Lord because I never asked for one cent. I am walking by faith with more confidence as I see the Lord working on my behalf.

During this faith walk I lived with my mother for a period of time in Shreveport, Louisiana, in a home she was renting. The Lord began speaking and revealing gold and other precious jewels are planted in this ground, and He told me where to dig. I began to dig and found these weird looking rocks. I took them to my pastor at the time who was a Geologist and to a Jeweler.  They both confirmed precious jewels were wherever the rocks were found. The Jeweler declared the rocks I presented to him could not have come from Shreveport and the nearest place where such stones could be found was Arkansas. My mother commanded me to stop digging in the yard because she did not own the property. When I told her what I had found she started calling people to declare me crazy. I showed her the stone and told her the Jeweler was willing to pay $25.00 for each stone. Nothing  I said made any difference. I could not continue to dig but nevertheless, what God had promised was true. By now my eyes are opening and I am not only walking by faith but I have sight. I could see what God was doing.

The Lord sent me to live in Dallas, Texas for a season this was a time of great street ministry. I would carry a backpack with provisions for the day. Each day I  looked for people to minister to as the Lord led. As I ministered on a street corner in North Dallas on Skillman Street, I noticed a guy sitting in his truck observing. I did not feel the urge to approach the man. After a while, he got out of his truck and came toward where I was standing. He did not come to criticize or tell me to get off his corner. The man began to speak in amazement as he described a light overshadowing my presence. This man could not believe I was in a very bad neighborhood on a street corner by myself preaching the word of God. We prayed, he gave an inspirational offering and invited me to attend interfaith workshops at his expense.

On one of my walks in North Dallas, I met a young lady walking in an apartment complex she looked very confused and bewildered. She was a street walker and it seemed she had no more life left in her body. I asked her how I could pray for her, she did not hesitate. Immediately she began to say I want to get off drugs. She was in anguish and started crying out, "I have been asking God to take these drugs from me but He will not. The Lord revealed yes she was asking for help but not willing to receive liberty. I asked for permission to lay hands on her and she agreed. As I touched the young lady her eyes seemed like they were about to jump out of socket; she made one long slow swallow, it seemed like she was chocking. I could see God's hand going down her throat putting a block in place so drugs would not filter through her body. After she finished the swallow the transformation came and she was delivered from drugs instantly! Good removed the taste of drugs from her mouth. My walk intensified as faith started sprouting new branches out of my spirit. 

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I am still literally walking with no car in Dallas, Texas. The Lord told me to go to TBN to see Juanita Bynum. I rode the bus during the day to Irving, Texas where Trinity Broadcasting Network was located. The buses did not run at night. As soon as I reached my destination I started letting people know I needed a ride home. Everyone in the building was jumping and shouting but I was wondering how I was going to get home. It appeared no one was willing to give me a ride. Finally, a young couple agreed to give me a ride. When I started to get out of their car the couple said wait; "The Lord told us to give you every cent we have." This couple emptied their wallets, the ash tray, the console, then they both got on hands and knees looking for any coins or loose change on the floor and beneath the seats. If I had never taken this faith walk to travel on foot by bus to another city, I would have missed seeing how God works through other people who are obedient to His call. Walking by faith brings one to humility.

Another time while in Dallas, Texas, the Lord had me go to a shopping center in Irving, Texas. Again, I am catching a bus from North Dallas to Irving, Texas which only runs during the day. This time I am truly confident because this has happened before and I know how it is going to turn out. The Lord did not tell me specifics on  my assignment, this was a time of trust. I went in every store but none of those places were the assignment. Finally, I saw a Hispanic Church but no one was inside. I waited all day for night service. When service was over, I knew the buses were not running and again I needed a ride home.

I did not speak Spanish and it seemed no one in the church was willing to speak English. I had a rolling suitcase and I left that building crying and slinging snot. I began to tell God I know you sent me here I heard you clearly. I began to think this really is my test of faith because this is the night that I am going to sleep on the streets. Before I got to the end of the parking lot this family from church stopped their car. The family spoke English but the wife’s English was not very good. She said the Lord dropped a hot bullet of compassion in her heart . This family told me to get in the car and I went to their home. 

I lived in their home for a few weeks, all of my needs were met. They took me shopping for personal items and even gave me money to go garage sale shopping. I got introduced to so many wonderful Spanish dishes. This family left El Salvador under persecution they had wealth and property but had to flee for their lives and come to America. They were playing the lottery to gain back their wealth. We had Bible Study in the home and I began teaching them in the word on how God wants us to obtain wealth. I continued ministering in the home and while I was there the Lord called the Father to Preach. I watched him preach his first sermon. I attended the Hispanic Church while in the family’s home. The pastor brought in a translator for my benefit. God took care of every need and a family came to know what it meant to trust God unconditionally. The family stopped gambling and started paying tithes. Their financial situation changed because they developed an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Intimacy with the Lord is a loving trusting relationship not easily put into words it is more of an interwoven communication in the spirit. Hearing a voice that you know is always truth and always with you is comfort and reassuring. Many people began to tell me, “That ain’t God's voice you are hearing”. I had to call them liars because the words were so intimate and personal, above all they were true and not misleading. When I made the first step to trust God and leave my job; our intimate relation grew greater and stronger.

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Now it is time to thank some people that really inspired me in ministry this list is not complete. Among those persons were the late Pastor C. F. Robinson, Dr. Charles Stanley, Apostle Steven Newton, Prophet Morris Cerullo, Pastor Fred L. Lowery, Pastor Roosevelt Seaberry, Pastor Terrance Autry, Pastor Denny Davis, Pastor Tommy Nard, a teacher of the gospel named Betty White. The person that inspired me the most was the late Superintendent J. K. Anderson, from the Hollywood Church of God in Christ. Pastor Anderson opened his doors and allowed me to preach my very first sermon in the pulpit.

I grew up in a neighborhood called Hollywood on Nicholson Street in Shreveport, Louisiana. As a child, I sat on the edge of the street as church was going on inside Hollywood Church of God in Christ. This church was on the corner of my street but My grandmother did not believe in the Pentecostal faith and would never allow me to go inside this church. The church doors were always opened and I could hear guitars, drums, tambourines, the piano, feet dancing on the wooden floors, with shouting and testimonies. I could see people running out the building like they were on fire. As a child I could tell this was a good fire because they went back in for more.

I was baptized at age eleven. When I went under the water I felt a fire that I could not explain. My whole life changed I could feel the breath of God on my body. I felt very much like the people looked when they came running out of Hollywood Church of God in Christ Church. Something had gotten a hold on me and later I found out it was the Holy Ghost. I knew if I could get inside this church miracles would begin to happen in my life. Pastor invited me to preach every Sunday night. I was no longer that little girl sitting on the curb I was the one basking in God's glory.

Other persons that made spiritual impact were Evangelist Joyce Meyers, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Marilyn Hickey, my mother Mrs. Ruth Carroll, Mrs. Lenora Harvey – a church mother, Deacon Percy Frazier, Bishop Ragsby Mason, International Bible teacher and Pastor Derrick Prince, a Prophetess named Annie, Pastor Joseph Prince, Pastor Katherine Kuhlman, Pastor Danny R. Mitchell and Apostle Stephen Matthews. These are just a few of the people who helped me along the way.

Today I give many thanks to all those that gave me shelter and provisions while following God. To my family especially my children Evangelist Lashonda Carroll Lindsey, Carlos S. Carroll, and Adrienne Ruth Carroll; thank you for trying to understand even when you did not. Yes quite often it is an experimental process trying to balance Christian life with day-to-day routines. Yes the scales do seem unbalanced and one side seems to always out way the other. I thank my children for not giving up on me while I learned to shift weight off myself and onto the Lord.

Finally, I thank every person that ever hurt or disappointed me, tricked me, rejected me, plotted evil against me, told lies on me and set traps for me to stumble. THANK YOU! I thank every enemy of the Lord that tried to make me think my fights and battles were personal against me. THANK YOU! Without the interference of evil I could never known true joy and peace.

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Life has taken many turns especially within the last three or four years. It seems like abundant life and the promises of God gets within fifty feet of my direction and decides to go the other way. Evaluation and analysis determines that breakthroughs seem to have a direct connection to time-released setbacks. What I am discovering is giants hide in the field in-between good seeds sown. When the new crop springs up wheat and tares grow alongside each other. Tares disguise themselves as wheat, outwardly they both look the same. But when they are plucked for the purpose of carrying to market the weight of the tares is much greater than the real wheat. Sometimes we have a mixture of wheat and tares, other times we pluck all tares. Trying to carry weight from tares slows a person down. It takes longer to get to market when the carrier does not know the true value of what he or she is carrying (Matthew 13:24-30.)

God tells us to be still so He can remove all the tares from our basket.

Spoils are always in every new land most of the time it is necessary to spy out the land. Spoils tend to get buried by outward beauty of other things. God will call us to be the root and stability supporting others. While functioning as a root no one is able to see our value or worth because God keeps us hidden. Once we gather spoils from supernatural advantages they must be placed in natural conditions and environments which changes the position of the spoil. Roots can grow in water but they grow better in soil. When a huge amount of dirt is heaped upon roots this is God's time to shield us from the enemy. My roots have been spreading for twelve years.

Roots Don’t disappear they just spread out and flow over into new territory.

One natural way of visualizing Being Still is to look at the effects of alcohol on the human mind and body. A person takes an initial first drink and gets a sensational rush and buzz. The buzz feels exciting so the person keeps on drinking hoping to stay in the flow of that first buzz. Instead, alcohol drowns out reasoning and rationale. It changes the natural thinking capacity and perception. Alcohol has a way of producing reactionary physical changes that seem real but only imagined. The more a person drinks the more perception and wisdom evaporates.

Getting drunk eventually, leads to a hangover that is nothing like the first buzz. Alcoholism was never a reality in my life but I understand the trap. The initial phase of drinking alcohol contributes to pattern forming. It is a dangerous pattern to always follow the flow of natural things and leave out the supernatural. Accepting life as it comes (not questioning or examining underlying circumstances) may cause one to form a familiar pattern of saying yes to unacceptable things. Alcohol cripples the thinking process and the brain begins to function at a very slow pace. In a twisted sort of way the body moves ahead of the brain. The body is moving but the brain is Being Still.

I did not understand Be Still. I did not know how to Be Still all I knew was running. Rejection had me so bound. Theoretical, I thought I was in all the right places to receive love. The places and people I thought were supposed to love me were the ones that pounced on me the most. I started running from everyone and every situation that looked like a crushing. I was running but not really getting anywhere (treadmill experience). My life became a treadmill of running in one place. I began to live like the early Israelite going around the same old mountain repeatedly. God decided to show mercy and explain my position in everything.

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My thinking pattern was consistent with narrow-minded thoughts of who I was supposed to be not who I was. I always stressed the importance of making application of God’s Word, and if people saw me doing so, then what could go wrong? Sure, I operated in faith and applied principles of God's Word but I was missing key elements of how the word applied to my personal life. I was giving and giving and giving. I would give if a person looked sad because I wanted them to know the joy of Jesus. I gave to others but somehow the Lord got short changed. I failed to put myself on the altar, to be a ram in the bush the ultimate sacrifice God desired (Romans 12:1-2).

God will cause us to be still when it is our time to be used as a sacrifice.

It is most difficult to equate true sacrifice with anything if it does not include pain and suffering. God hears our resistance even before we get to the altar. Anytime our circumstance causes us to feel like jumping out of our skin God is preparing and altar for us. Often we play out jumping out of our skin through over eating and drinking, sexual misconduct, unhealthy relationships, laziness and procrastination, excessive gossiping, fault finding and ridicule just to name a few. The main culprit is not wanting to take responsibility for our own actions.

We are crazy when we think we are not. God wanted me to Be Still but my actions were saying, “I am not and I don’t wanna be Isaac” (Genesis 22:6-8). My behavior was telling God I don't trust You to protect me from People Pouncing. If I lay on the altar as a sacrifice I will disappear. Not one time did I think about evolving  from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. My tightly wrapped distorted mind was so narrow and closed off. Why could'nt I believe a God who created the Universe would not allow me to self-destruct?. How insane is it to think God is limited at anything? Narrow minded thinking causes delays.

God will cause us to stand still when it time for our minds to be renewed.

Each time I approached a finish line in any of my assignments the line stretched itself farther and farther away. People running in the same race zoomed right pass me as I seemed to stand still. What does this look like? The rules for timing and rewards will change while a person is still in the race. A finish line for another person may not look the same as yours. Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen. I could see other people crossing the line while I was still running on what seemed like a treadmill. The rules that applied to every other runner in the race did not apply in my situation. I always felt left behind. Honestly, it seemed like I could never tip the scales. The first time I watched the movie Left Behind, I wondered if the Lord was trying to tell me something.

God will cause us to stand still when we have to clean up another person’s mess.

Christians are more willing to die for Christ than live for Him. Dying and being with Christ forever is not a bad retirement plan. The Lord did not want the sacrifice of my dead body. Instead, He only wanted me to sacrifice my way of thinking. For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth (Isaiah 38:18). As Christians we often forget to think: Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

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I found myself in wrong pastures branded by wrong Shepherds. It is hard to remove man’s brand from the brain. God was consistently preparing altars for me so He could remove a brand that was not His own. Idols come in all forms. We must understand the thin line that exists between the loyalty of an obedient servant and idol worshiper. Clingy attachments to ministry leaders are dangerous. We must discern in wisdom when we have crossed the line between God and man.

Sheep come in different colors and are all mixed into the same flock. Tares look similar to wheat and it grows up with the wheat. It is most difficult to separate tares from wheat while it is still growing. In the mix, everything looks the same. At harvest time, some things have to fall off and separation starts. The shearer doesn’t normally mix white wool with black wool. The grain farmer separates the wheat from the tare for an abundant crop. A mixed sheep is called “Confusion” as he runs back and forth trying to hear and obey all the voices he believes to be his Shepherd.

Some flocks have too many voices calling themselves Shepherds. In some cases, the Shepherd tries to be the Apostle, Prophet, Bishop, Evangelist, Teacher, etc. and operate in all the gifts. Shepherds burn out because they try to do everything in the church. The Prophet may speak a word from God then the Pastor comes along and contradicts what the Prophet has spoken. Mixed sheep are not very prosperous because they run back and forth not really accomplishing anything. Sheep must understand the difference between love and manipulation. God will cause a mixed sheep to be still until they understand who is the true Master. Sheep become mixed up when they don’t know the right voice to follow. John 10:12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

Isaiah 56:11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

 God will cause us to stand still in the mist of confusion.

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I am writing this book from the back side of the desert. Which puts me in a position to see everything ahead. I can see who is getting tired, who is cheating, the quitters and who is running the race well. One advantage of being on the backside of the desert is I am able to see the overhead clock and the time keeper. I relate to Moses and his back side of the desert experience. Mose's actions and choices led him to a far away land; there he became a sheepherder. His Zeal to see and know God led him to the backside of the desert. It was in this place that Moses experienced the totality of God’s presence and power (Exodus 3). The most significant keys to a sensational life with Moses involved him moving away from success, everything he knew, loved, and was familiar with to understand his purpose. Although Moses enjoyed life in the palace as a prince, his greatest fulfillment came through knowing his true bloodline. The realization about Moses identity caused him to suffer tremendously. Departing an old life to experience a new beginning is a great shift. During Moses new journey, he learned obedience through the things he suffered.

God will cause us to stand still when it is time for transition.

Moses had to learn ramifications, boundaries, indulge, self-denial, and obedience through the chain of command. When I see Psalm 46:10, I see Moses. I visualize God speaking this exact word to Moses calming all his fears. This scripture confirms and describes what God did through Moses for the children of Israel. Psalm 46:10, demonstrates intimacy; it exalts the name of the Lord above any other name and shows His authority in the Earth. Moses experienced God’s exaltation before the heathen Egyptian Pharaoh. God was exalted in all the earth through miracles and victory in the lives of the Israelites. A mixture of thoughts invaded Moses mind. He came to terms with losing his Egyptian citizenship and wrapped his mind around a new identity.

In my early twenties, nothing was more important to me than joining the Air-force. All these dream invaded my thoughts about a wonderful life in the Air-force. I thought about traveling the globe at the government’s expense. Another exciting factor about joining the Air-force was my education would be free. Honestly, the main goal of being in the Air-force was to meet an international husband. The requirement for joining the Air-force was passing a test. This test proved to be a closed door for my dreams. I took that test time over and over again and did not pass. Finally, I gave up, and stopped trying. I still wanted to marry a man in the Air-force and had two proposals but I knew in my heart that these men were not the right choices. My dream of having an Air-force husband never materialized.

God causes us to be still to understand sanctification and being set apart.

Moses grew tired of his own voice, and the voice of others. His relentless efforts instilled a wantonness to hear the true voice of God. Followers of Christ should recognize His voice to know how and why He speaks. Every believer should know true intimacy with Christ and all about His compassion, and long suffering. In this hour, we desperately need God’s mercy to understand our part in time and seasons. Proverbs 4:7 states Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

“God Still Speaks to His Disciples”, is a book to help believers fully understand intimacy with God, and how He apeaks. God wants to talk to us. The Creator of the Universe desires to let His creation know the important value each human adds to life. Only an unwise person would give out his or her trusted secrets to anyone. The Lord wants to tell us secrets. Will you just talk to Him? Many times God answers prayers before we pray but He loves hearing from us (Matthew 6:5-8. )

Psalm 139:2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.

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God is the Creator. Man reproduces from God’s creation (Genesis 1:28). First, we start with a seed God provided. As stewarts over the earth, we repopulate the seed God gave. The Word of God is a seed that needs planting and replanting to bring forth an abundant harvest. Man is a producer of God’s Word when he catches, understands, applies, and passes on the Word. I caught a word. I understand the word. I am applying the Word. Now I am passing on the message of God wants to talk to His creation.

I am a fruit producer. In other words, I am a farmer receiving the seed, which is the word of God. My job is to make sure seeds are embedded in fertile soil, placed in places that line up with the sun, plant the seeds deep enough to withstand turbulent winds, pray for rain, and many other duties of a farmer. God is speaking I am listening and writing what He speaks. Listening is key to understanding the mysteries of God’s Word (Hebrews 3:15).

Shut out every natural sound and force to hear the Lord speak. Set an alarm clock and schedule an appointment to just sit down and spend time with the Lord. God wants to talk to you. The Lord is waiting to leap upon you with His love and great mysteries. Read this book and pass it on. I need to hear the testimonies of how God talks to each person. I no longer have to say, “I hear voices” or have an invisible friend. I am no longer the frightened little girl afraid to let people know God and I talk.  I know My Lord. Many people have experience taking to God. I wonder how many persons have experience in listening to what He speaks.  

The first time God talked to me was an interview. He woke up my spirit and called every part of my inner being to attention. My spirit began communing with the Creator of the Universe. I forgot about joining the Air-force as I started traveling through time with my Heavenly Father. I felt like a beautiful flower blooming and a butterfly emerging from a cocoon at the same time. All the questions about who I was seemed to settle into one place far away from my thoughts. I no longer felt frightened or out of place because in that moment my life had new meaning.

From the first moment I knew the Lord was talking to me my whole view of life changed. I wanted to be with Him more and more and made myself available at 3:00 am or whatever time the Lord woke me up. I never got a chance to serve my country because I could not pass the Air-force test but I obtained a more rewarding honor. I don’t know what important dream you may have missed in life perhaps the Lord has another dream planned. I thank God for closing the Air-force door. Walk wit me through this open door and I will share my reward with you through this book, God Still Speaks to His Disciples.

John 15:15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

Our Heavenly Father is a Supernatural being yet He communicates with His natural creation. Almost everyone I have ever spoken with desires to experience a miracle in his or her lifetime. When God talks to us in a language that models His Superiority but yet in a compassionate, loving, understanding, and merciful way we experience a miracle. If you have gotten this far reading, you are close enough to the Lord to hear Him speak. Make a pledge to form an intimate relationship with God He wants to pour His spirit out on all flesh and give us an understanding heart.

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Listen, God is speaking to His Disciples:

The reason for delayed denial (Standing Still) is I want My people to hear what I am really saying. My children must fully understand what I am speaking. After I give the pattern (for life) in My Word, then it becomes necessary to build something. A pattern is a form, cluster, or conglomerate of different shapes. Sometimes all the shapes or images are the same, but not necessarily the same color. The edges may be smooth some may be rough, or they may be smooth and rough. Packages are time released from Heaven. When the package comes it may seem like none of its content fits. When I cause a delay, let this be a time of waiting for other pattern pieces to arrive from Heaven that fit. Never throw away a piece that currently does not fit. Surely, and most assuredly the pattern will come with no instructions. The charge My children is to find every piece that fits another and attach them together. Remember you are reproducing from what I have already created.

God causes us to be still in delays.

Look and Listen for a repeated pattern in My Word. Hearing the same scriptures over and over again, repeatedly means something. Stop and focus on that scripture for a while. Pull out every word, define its meaning, put it together in a sentence, form a sentence structure, to see what the sentence says and means. When you know what the scripture means then you are ready to build. I have not lost any of My power.

The earth is being quickened, changed, challenged, and prepared for My coming. Let the scriptures seep into the spirit, let them brew like a warm cup of tea. Let the Word speak. Let the Word paint the picture. The Word will not paint pictures to show things that are not there. The Word of God paints with clarity the purest strokes you will ever see. No background noises, no endless chatter, or background material shows up in the picture I paint. There is no distraction in My picture.

Be still in confusion let the picture come to life.

So many things are not going to matter when I come. Cars, houses, boats; all things that man enjoys are trivial to My coming. My Word is written. My Word is spoken. My Word is declared, and it shall be as spoken. Man longs to know the truth, yet he wants this information to crucify another brother or believer. We have many modern day Sauls’ looking for any reason to crush the real truth of the Messiah.

There are so many lawyers and attorneys sworn to uphold the law. Their main concern is far from upholding the law. Instead, they seek to find loopholes to shift the burden of proof on the law, not through the law. This is why I say, I have not come to do away with the law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). My presence fills the earth. My Spirit is so full in the earth. Listen to the earth.

           The Lord causes us to be still in power struggles.

Often I reflect on my ancestors, most of them could not read or write. However, they had a universal language communicated throughout their communities. Some of my family members were slaves and never experienced liberty or freedom. A part of their brain was educated because they knew God’s grace and mercy. They believed the word of God and kept His promises in their heart. Slaves respected God and knew He was the true Master. I don’t know how many of my ancestors God talked to but they must have had intimacy because they kept hope alive. Power struggles existed in their lives and many died in the fight for freedom. The Israelites were enslaved to difficult taskmasters as well in a foreign land. Just like my ancestors they both cried out to God for freedom, He heard all their cries. Occasionally, we just have to wait for a deliverer.

The Lord causes us to be still in bondage.

In the days of my youth, I remember being a busy body at times. Most kids experience a wiggling phase while growing up. I had very long thick hair and loved the way it looked after styling. The process of positioning a straight part in my hair or twisting a braid just right was not my mother’s favorite thing. My mother's combing through my hair always caused me to squirm. Eventually, I would end up under the chair or try to walk while she was combing my hair.

Mother would say, “Be still”. If I did not adhere to her command soon I would feel the comb rapping some part of my body. Maybe it is something about human nature that makes us tend to run when we hear the words “Be Still.” As I look back, I believe my mother was hearing from God. Transitioning from nappy hair to a cool style was a process. Mom knew that if I did not "Be Still" my hair was not going to turn out right. Most mothers seem to be close to God and know what He is thinking because they listen to His voice. We have to Be Still, and listen to the Lord so we will turn out right.

The Lord causes us to be still so we can learn positioning.

I am asking you to follow me as I follow Christ. I need people walking in front, behind and on all sides of me so I will not miss step. An army of believers keeps everybody accountable. If God be for an army of Bible believing faith walkers, who can be against us (Romans 8:31). Pray for me, walk with me, look with me, listen with me, study with me, prayerfully we are all going in the same direction. The Lord uprooted me from where I was and replanted me back in my hometown. To some it may seem like starting over but I know I am taking up where I left off, which means starting again not starting over. I am in my fresh start!








Mary Adger

Girls grow up to become women.

Girlish spirits of females blossom into maturity. Age does not change the creative purpose of a woman. A girl turned into a woman remains everything God created. Little girls never die they just change their opinion.